Who is M-Tech Inc?

M-Tech Inc has formed alliances with Pacific Rim Automotive Systems, LLC and Security Enterprises LLC to allow it to offer a unique Mobile Asset Management Program to dealerships all across the country and Electronic Key Management systems for automobile dealers and other industries that need to control access to and use of large numbers of keys. After more than 25 years of involvement in providing Security and Asset Management systems to the retail Automobile Dealer, M-Tech Inc knows the market and can work with you to improve your profitability while reducing your liability exposure. We can provide systems and programs that not only provide a verifiable audit trail and that actually tracks your mobile assets but also provides an additional source of revenue and peace of mind knowing that for the first time YOU have control.

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Demo Plate Control

By limiting access to demo plates only to persons authorized and approved by management to use them, the Securitag system controls and manages the your demo plates for you. The system is comprised of a series of specially designed plate containment units which house the dealer plates and which are installed at a location convenient to all intended users. Since all dealer plates are available to all users all the time, the number of plates required to operate may be reduced, possibly by as much as 66%, depending on existing operational policy.

The Securitag system is designed to allow dealer plates to be used only by persons holding an access key. The dealer plates are fastened to specially constructed, co-polymer, magnet-bars that are supplied with the system.

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Mobile Asset Management

The Dealership program includes two website accounts: the first for the dealership's access and management, and the second for the retail customer's access and management.

The retail customers' web account may optionally be linked through the dealership's established website. This gives the dealership an opportunity to place sales, parts and service specials in front of the customer every time they access the unit.

As customers drive their vehicles Parts and Service Departments will receive alerts informing them that the customer has reached pre-set mileage increments (i.e., 5,000, 7,500, 15,000 miles). The dealership then is able to contact customers and schedule appropriate maintenance services.

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Key Management

Key Kontrol is an unmatched electronic key management system that allows access to one key at a time. Key Kontrol can provide you with a substantial return on your investment - in reduced insurance costs, better monitoring of inventory, and more efficient use of employee time.

Track customers and build a valuable database with the reporting functions. Use the driver's license scanner to capture customer information quickly. The scanner automatically identifies driver's licenses from all over the world.

Network the Key Kontrol cabinet with office computers. Desktop access allows monitoring of sales, employee and vehicle activity.

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